Labels we love.

There are certain labels around who just never fail to send us anything short of pristine release after pristine release. We’re always excited to see something in the mail from them, and so we’re going to start sharing with you just why that is. There will more featured labels over the next few months, as well as some more in depth descriptions of particular titles forthcoming. For now though, here’s why we’re real pleased to be stocking more and more titles from the Numero Group:

These folks started in 2003 out of Chicago, a label dedicated to meticulously working through archives to bring together the best of the best in soul, hip-hop, funk, disco, pop, electronic and even more recently 90s indie/slow-core (!). When you buy something from the Numero Group you can rely on getting something painstakingly compiled, thoughtfully sequenced, thoroughly researched, great sounding and gorgeously presented with old archive images and extensive liner notes. The Antena record (still a total store favourite) they released turns heads every time I play it here, and that response is by no means limited to just that one out of their catalogue. Here’s another two reasons why these guys rule: someone was more recently found to be bootlegging, chopping up and piecing back together songs Numero have licensed. Instead of issuing a cease and desist they issued the best of those songs on a 12″. Also, they’re re-issuing the near complete works or recently reformed 90s legends Codeine. Needless to say we’re excited to see that one.

Come get a slice.

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