Keeping ’em coming

Beyond being content simply resting after weeks picking through every record shelf in Tokyo for gems to bring back for you all, we’ve spent a little extra time this month to make sure we’re stocked up on a wide array of exciting tunes to help please the diverse palates of Melbourne this Christmas (and beyond). Here’s a few new one’s to Ritual that we’ve not had before and that we are, or at least I am, excited to see sitting there with that tidy little white label we’ve been staying up late each night to make sure will eventually grace each and every title in the shop:

Antena – Camino del Sol (The Numero Group): It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that 9 out of 10 times I play my own copy of this in the store, someone asks what it is, so finally we’ve got a copy to share with you. Antena were three very young kids, living off busking in Brussels who in 1982 spent some time making a record with Gilles Martin. The result was a gorgeous collection of songs that seamlessly bring together bossanova, pop and electronica, light and easy to listen to without ever being anything short of captivating. This is a re-issue of the original tracks by the Numero Group, with a few extra songs. Double gatefold packaging houses a double LP and liner notes as in-depth and considered as we’ve come to expect from the Numero folks. I recall the first time I ever heard this in another record store I worked at, within seconds another worker there and myself were scrambling over one another to claim the one copy we had in. Get scrambling.

The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come (DFA): This has been one of my favourite records lately. Over-active DJ/producer/song-smith John Maclean (also of Peach Melba) has been a central figure of DFA records since its early days, and The Future Will Come was a major transition from fleeting 12” single releases to a mature, coherent full-length. The record brings back the classic sounds of bands like The Human League and orients them within the fast-reviving house sound, creating something that is utterly and irresistibly dance-able, whilst maintaining a level of grit and accessibility to non-dance music enthusiasts – most people, in other words.

Mi Ami – Watersports (Quarterstick): Washington DCs ragers Black Eyes were a spazzed out, intense, dual-drummer frenzy who lasted two albums (the first of which just came in too) before coming to an abrupt end. Mi Ami picks up, in a lot of ways, from where they left off. Daniel Martin-McCormick and Jacob Long took the dub experimentation of their old band’s later album Cough and developed it into a mature and dynamic sound, relenting from the insanity of earlier work to make something pretty damn awesome. I hear these folks will be gracing our town real soon. We can only hope.

tUnE-yArDs Whokill (4AD): Merill Garbus is the mastermind behind tUnE-yArDs, a project that feels like someone has painstakingly taken apart songs from genres as disparate as folk, Afro-pop and R&B, sifted through for the best moments, and then pasted them seamlessly back together to make something utterly unique, breathtaking and very, very feel-good. Playing next year at Sugar Mountain festival.

Speaking of Sugar Mountain, we’ve also finally got in those 12” singles of local darlings Absolute Boys, as well as the new Deerhoof (Vs. Evil). What else? LCD Soundsystem, Wooden Shjips, The Blow, The XX, Low, Cut Copy’s new LP, the very same Kurt Vile whose live show everyone has been raving about all week, Sun Araw, Pissed Jeans, a bunch of Mission of Burma… to name a few.

And don’t forget, all CDs except local titles are $10 this month. Come on in and see for yourself.

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