New Arrivals – 10/10/11


Opeth – Heritage
Moss – Tombs of the Blind Drugged


Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo
Helms Alee – Weatherhead
Nails – Unsilent Death
Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal
Cindytalk – Hold Everything Dear
Archers of Loaf – Icky Mettle
Graves at Sea/Asunder split
Daniel Menche – Kataract
Don Caballero – 2
Early Graves – Goner
Cindytalk – The Poetry of Decay
Robin Fox – A Handful of Automation
New Found Glory – Radiosurgery
Don Caballero – American Don
Yellowcard – Ocean Ave
Yellowcard – Lights and Sounds
True Widow – As High As The Highest Heaves…
This Will Destroy You – Tunnel Blanket
Slint – Spiderland
Slint – Tweez
Mouthus – Saw a Halo
Anaal Nathrakh – Passion
Polar Bear Club – Clash Battle Guilt Pride
Picastro+Nadja – Fool, Redeemer
The Secret – Solve Et Coagula
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
Into It. Over It – Proper
Balance and Composure – Separation
Explosions in the Sky – Take Care, Take Care
Moss – Sub Templum
Faith – Subject to Change + First Demo
Peterlicker – Nicht
Don Caballero – For Respect
Nirvana – Nevermind
Sleater Kinney – The Hot Rock
Sleater Kinney – All Hands on the Bad One
Angel – 26000
Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler split
Cough – Ritual Abuse
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Lift Yr Skinny Fists…..
La Dispute – Wildlife
Shellac – 1000 Hurts


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