New Arrivals 10/8/11


Wilco – I Might


Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang – Island Brothers
Moondog and His Honking Geese – Playing Moondog’s Music
Fennesz – Seven Stars


Karlheinz Stockhausen – Mantra
The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys
Skip James – Jesus is a Mighty Good Leader
Charlie Poole – I’m The Man That Rode the Mule Around the World
V/A – Son House and Other Great Delta Blues Singers
Dock Boogs – False Hearted Lover’s Blues
Charley Patton – You’re Going to Need Somebody When You Die: The Recorded Works
Charley Patton – Electrically Recorded: Moon Going Down
Charley Patton – Electrically Recorded: High Water Everywhere
Charley Patton – Electrically Recorded: Prayer of Death
Charley Patton – Electrically Recorded: Jesus is a Dying Bed Maker
Mississippi Sheiks – Sitting on Top of the World
Os Mutantes – Dois Mil E Nove
Robert Johnson – King of the Delta Blues: The Complete Recordings
Chrome – Alien Soundtrack
Faust – The Faust Tapes
Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves
Harmonia – Musik Von Harmonia
Harmonia – Deluxe
Albert Ayler – Spirits
Jackie O Motherfucker – Liberation
Faust – Faust
Taj Mahal Travellers – Live in Tokyo, 19th August 1974
Jackie O Motherfucker – Fig. 5
Chico Mann – Analog Drift
Henry Cow – Leg End
Henry Cow – Unrest
ESG – Dance to The Best of ESG
John Cage – The 25 Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage
John Cage/Reading – David Tudor/Music – Interdeterminacy
V/A: Bellyachers, Listen: Songs From East Africa, 1938-1946
V/A: Africa Boogaloo – The Latinization of West Africa
Gastr Del Sol – Camofleur
Joanna Newsom – The Milk Eyed Mender
Joanna Newsom – & The YS Street Band E.P.
Fennesz – Endless Summer
Mr Bungle – Disco Volante
Oren Ambarchi/Jim O Rourke – Indeed
Retribution Gospel Choir – Retribution Gospel Choir
V/A – Living is Hard: West African Music in Britain 1927-1929


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