Happy six months, Ritual.

June sees our humble heavy-music emporium reach six auspicious months without bankruptcy or owner/operator meltdown, so to celebrate our friends at Hitek AV have been kind enough to supply us with a truly excellent Rega P1 turntable, valued at around $700 AUD to give away to one of our Ritual loyalists.

Here’s how it works.

From June 1st to June 30th, anything you buy from Ritual will put you in the draw to win the aforementioned turntable. For every $10 you spend here (for anything in between, $4 is rounded down $5 or more is rounded up) you get a ticket with your name placed in the draw. Grab something with a yellow sticker on it, and you’ll get 15% off, as well as double the tickets into the draw. Simple.

On July 1st at 5pm, we’ll be drawing a name from the box, and the winner of the turntable will be contacted via their preferred method, as well as mentioned here.

And most importantly, thanks so much for your support over the last half a year. It’s been good being here, and good having you.

Also, please note this is just the turntable, no amplifier or anything – you’ll have to organise that if you haven’t already.

To read more about the Rega P1, go here



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