Punk has always been a magnet, attracting to its varied fold a diverse range of individuals who pour their beings into this iconoclastic lifestyle to etch upon its back alley walls something of profound meaning to those who choose not to adhere to history’s more popular milestones.

Greg Sage, was and still is one of those people who through boundless creativity and DIY ethic, managed to crystallize his ideas into unforgettable pieces of music. His Portland Oregon based band WIPERS, set out in 1977 to do things their way; an attitude of total control.

Their 3rd album, Over The Edge, is an eerie masterpiece of punk malaise and desperation, that creeps out of the speakers with unforgiving intent. Sage’s odd demeanor, southpaw guitar riffs and distinct vocals set him apart from typical punk-rock types of the time. More akin to some kind of incidental anti-hero, Sage was a man on a mission to make music a purely personal experience as opposed to a commercial one.

Wipers left their mark in music and were cited by many bands as being a crucial influence, including Kurt Cobain of Nirvana who covered a couple of Sage’s earlier songs.

Over The Edge is essential for those who have an ear for less conventional punk from the early 80’s.


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