LOOK BACK: DOWNCAST ‘ST’ Ebullition Records

More than just a label to release good records on, Ebullition became synoymous with passionately charged bands with foward-thinking political stances. Situated in Goletta California and helmed by the fiercely outspoken Kent McClard since 1990, Ebullition also birthed the infamous HeartAttack zine, which quickly became any discerning punks manifesto of all things sonically worthy and socially concious.

One of the labels earliest releases was the earth shattering unveiling of DOWNCAST’s self titled L.P. Not concerned with fancy production values, the songs were a furious blend of primal hardcore, direct lyrics and hair raising vocals. The sleeve was actually an L.P. sized booklet filled with succinct critiques on captitilism, American Indian land rights, the war on drugs and South America.

The words ‘passion not fashion’ aptly describes where this band was coming from and even in todays over-produced/hyped/stylized musical landscape, DOWNCAST still shines as an example of what can be achieved by socially conscious individuals striving for change.


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4 Responses to LOOK BACK: DOWNCAST ‘ST’ Ebullition Records

  1. bloom says:

    i never thought much of this lp but the 7″ that came out before it is amazing. The 7″ came with an issue of no answers fanzine. Which incidentally was the issue with the poem that rage against the machine got their name from, which kent was angry about for years after. No answers is an amazing fanzine if u can track down copies.

    • Jackson says:

      I was pretty partial to the LP myself, but the 7″ is pretty amazing. We actually have a copy, complete with the No Answers fanzine in stock.

  2. Jackson says:

    Sadly it is the mini version. Still killer though.

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