Record Store Day 2011 – What can Ritual do for you?

It’s here. Saturday, April 16th sees year 4 of International Record Store Day roll around, and we’re damn proud to be a part of it. We may be young, but that just means we’re bursting with the youthful enthusiasm necessary to hunt the best and most interesting releases for the day. For those of you who like things handed to them on a platter, here’s exactly what you can expect from us on the day.


Got an itch that only the most punishing doom can scratch? We got you covered. Purchase any of the Gilead new releases on Saturday, and you’ll score yourself a handsome Gilead slipmat – as with everything on the day this is strictly limited and ‘while stocks last’. Releases in this category are;

Thou – Summit CD reissue ( Comes with free screen printed patch too.
Thou – Peasant CD reissue
Fell Voices – Untitled LP ( Comes with poster and patch.
Northless – Clandestine Abuse 2LP( Bright orange vinyl for those who get excited by coloured objects.

OWEN – O, EVELYN 7″ – (black vinyl. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide)

Mike Kinsella of Joan of Arc, American Football, Owls fame does his unique brand of heart on the sleeve, acoustic indie rock that renders nearly all weak at the knees. Features a cover of The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma.

QUICKSAND – S/T 7″ – (on blue vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide)

Walter Schreifels deserves your attention after his amazing effort with the new Rival Schools record, but before he was making kick-ass melodic rock music, he was cutting his teeth in equally influential bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand. Don’t sleep on this classic.


During CMJ 2010, OFF!, the Los Angeles, CA-based punk/hardcore quartet, gave a legendary performance at NYC’s Generation Records. Vice Recordings was lucky enough to have Generation capture the show and now, with their blessing, they’ve taken four stand-out tracks and made a limited edition 7″ for Record Store Day. New from Vice Recordings.

Features Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks

YOUTH OF TODAY – S/T 7″ – (Red vinyl. Limited to 1000)

Straight Edge or veganism a little rusty? Get your healthy dose of youth crew hardcore from the Connecticut heroes.

V/A – NO PEACE/NO WAR: A HOLY TERROR TRIBUTE TO JAPANESE HARDCORE 7″ – (European version. Gold vinyl. Limited to 185. Hand numbered)

Features Integrity playing No Power by Zouo, Gehenna playing Shoot to Kill by GISM, Vegas playing Death Agonies and Screams by GISM, Cape of Bats playing When Can’t Sleep by Danse Macabre and Rot in Hell playing Over the Line by SOB.

BURN – S/T – (yellow vinyl. Limited to 1000 worldwide)

Sought after 1990 NYHC classic.

TRANSIT – PROMISE NOTHING 7″ – (with exclusive RSD cover art and on transparent blue vinyl. Limited to 1000)

Boston 5 piece pop-rock. If you dig later Vagrant stuff like Hot Rod Circuit, Reggie and the Full Effect etc, this will be your bag.

TOUCHE AMORE – TO THE BEAT OF A DEAD HORSE LP – (White 180g vinyl, white labels, letterpress cover. Limited to 250 worldwide)

Snap this one up quick! This RSD version of To The Beat of a Dead Horse has had some serious reissue treatment with coloured vinyl and new covers. Super limited.

DEERHOOF – FRIEND OPPORTUNITY LP – (Transparent green. Limited to 1000)

The RSD treatment these quirky indie stars have received is a nicely coloured vinyl and limited pressing of one of their biggest albums.

JOAN OF ARC – DON’T MIND CONTROL 2LP – (Transparent blue vinyl. Limited to 500)

Indie-jazz mind fuck straight from the brain of the Chicago based Kinsellas. 18 songs. 41 members. Will freak you out. Nuff said.

PIEBALD – 3LP Collection – (features When Life Hands You Lemons, If It Weren’t For Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains For Us All, We Are the Only Friends We Have. Coloured Vinyl. Limited to 1000)

Indie rock with wry lyrics and catchy as hell pop hooks. This is an awesome release for RSD of three of the band’s most acclaimed albums.

ELLIOTT – US SONGS LP – (Grey vinyl. Limited to 500)

90s emo pioneers, in the same vein as Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and similar midwest emo groups. US songs was their first album and has been long out of print, with the exception of a now hard to find reissue several years ago.

THE BOUNCING SOULS – LIVE AT GENERATION RECORDS LP – (limited to 1500 copies wordwide)

Recorded in April of 2009, this acoustic set by the Bouncing Souls at Generation Records in NYC was lovingly recorded, mixed and released for this vinyl only release, just in time for RSD 2011.

SHARKS – THE JOYS OF LIVING 2008-2010 – (RSD edition first pressing on coloured vinyl)

UK punk band with a sound akin to The Gaslight Anthem.


Local vinyl only label, Midnight Funeral have donated a handful of screen printed slip mats available with purchase of Midnight Funeral stock. This means you’ve got even more incentive to pick up kick ass releases by Suffer (only store in Australia left with the second pressing), I Exist, Abraxis, The Seduction and Mid Youth Crisis. Again, while stocks last, so don’t sleep on this.

FUCKED UP – PRESENT DAVID’S TOWN 12″ – (limited to 20 copies in Australia)

It’s no secret how much we love this band, so speaking personally this is the one we’re probably most excited about. Super limited and featuring tracks that won’t be available on the upcoming album. As you can see, Australia got the crumbs on this one and we scrambled for as many of the crumbs as we could so VERY limited stock.

FLYING LOTUS – COSMOGRAMMA ALT TAKES 12″ ( limited to 100 in Australia)

Glitchy laptop beats. Tim and Eric affiliated.

RADIOHEAD – SUPER COLLIDER/THE BUTCHER 12″ – (limited to 2000 worldwide)

RSD exclusive features 2 tracks not on the King of Limbs album. These will go super fast I’m sure, so if you want one be early.

This list is just of the confirmed stuff we have. Keep your ears/eyes open for any additions over the coming days.


In addition to the great releases we have available on the day, there will be a 10% off sale on everything that is not RSD exclusive, 20% off vinyl box sets and 50% off selected second hand LPs.

Box sets we currently have in stock include

Norma Jean 4LP set
Mono – Holy Ground 3LP set – limited to 3000
Sonic Youth – I Stole My Sister’s Boyfriend 4LP set
Bright Eyes 7LP box set
Interpol – Antics Remixed 4LP
Tom Waits – Orphans 7LP set with 32 page booklet
Weezer – Pinkerton 4LP
Placebo – Battle For The Sun box set 2LP, 2CD, 2DVD + more


On top of everything we’ve organised for the day, there’s a few little extras our friends in the area have offered to help us out with. So if you drop $30 or more on the day at Ritual, just hold on to your receipt and you can get access to any of the following, should they take your fancy.

20% off at Munster Haus Vegetarian Restaurant

Record shopping left you hungry? Take a quick trip down the road to 371 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy and visit Pete. He’ll look after you. Simple and delicious vegetarian food with plenty of vegan options, decent coffee and nice people. Recharge and get yourself off to the next destination for next to nothing. They’re only open until 2pm on Saturday though, so this one’s for you early birds.

10% off music accessories at Manny’s Music

Stopping by on the way to practice? Need picks, strings, sticks or something else? Take a quick walk down the road to 161-163 St Georges Rd and pay Manny a visit. He’ll hook you up on the day with all your music accessories for 10% off.

50% off band photography with Meredith O Shea.

Meredith O Shea is an award-winning photo journalist with The Age, who happens to take a bad ass band photo. Email Meredith at within a week of Record Store Day with your receipt and she’ll give you 50% off her services. Too good.

And of course there’ll be a heap of stuff to give away on the day. Stay tuned for updates over the coming days, but as it stands, that’s how it’s looking. All this stuff is INCREDIBLY limited quantities, one per person and once they’re gone, they’re gone.


Over and Out.


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