Arrived today

Just got some pretty decent to amazing stuff through the door. All played before, but in good condition.


Walk The Plank (UK Straight Edge)
Turn Pale – Films We Like
Sideshow (Caulfield records emo awesomeness)
The Hudson Super 6 – This is the Hudson Super 6
The Last Chance (heavy press vinyl – UK Straight Edge)
Azure Ray – The Drinks We Drank Last Night
The Bunny Foot Charm Band – What’s With This
Canaan/Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon split
Elemae – Sleeping With Adrenaline/Science Kit
Geoff Farina – Steely Dan b/w fire
Second Story Window (Gravity Records madness)
Programme (French 2 piece. Urgent and frantic hardcore)


Figure 4.0/Twofold split 8″ (Gravity records. Limited to 555 and hand numbered)


Under Byen Kyst – s/t double 10″ gatefold (sweet Danish dreamy indie rock)
Kaito EP (UK pop punk goodness. Long out of print)
Rapider Than Horsepower – Rapider Than The World (Indiana indie rock. out of print)
The Dauntless Elite – Security? (think midwestern melodic punk ala Leatherface)
Seein’ Red/Shikari split – (sheer post-hardcore madness)
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb – Dance Party With


Dialect – Buildings With Towns In LP (UK electronica)
Envy – A Dead Sinking Story 2LP(first pressing)
Face Down in Shit – s/t (screen printed covers. long out of print)
Face Down in Shit – Passing Times Euro tour (screen printed cover. out of print)
Glass and Ashes – Aesthetic Arrest (feat members of Young Livers)
Pavers – Return to the Island of No Return (pic disc. Feat Scott Reynolds of All)
Pavers – Beautiful EP (pic disc)
Polaris – s/t (now defunct UK punk rock group –
The Remote Viewer – Let Your Heart Draw a Line
Scared of Chaka – Masonic Youth
Unitas – Porch Life (No Idea)
Snotty – Short and Quick and Love (Japanese pop-punk. Cool cover art, engraved LP)
Under Byen – Det Er Mig Der Holder Traerne Sammen (think Sigur Ros w/female vocals)
Azure Ray – Hold On Love (produced by Eric Bachmann of Archers of Loaf)
The 101 – Green St (Eric Richter of Christie Front Drive’s later project)
Funeral Diner – The Underdark (long out of print, rare and AMAZING)
Corn Flakes – Double Bed (think early Jawbreaker musically with a crooning Jon Snodgrass on vocal duties)




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