LOOK BACK: ANTIOCH ARROW ‘Gems of Masochism’ (1995)

The last album from the chaotic Antioch Arrow and easily their most interesting, Gems Of Masochism is like a raging bout of sea-sickness in a ocean of treacherous instrumentation. Drunken and learing saloon piano ditties are threaded amongst unnerving guitar chatter, possessed drumbeats, throbbing basslines and ghoulish vocals, which somehow lends itself to coming across like a soundtrack to a bad dream.

Bad dreams aside, this is what makes this album so damn compelling, because it makes you feel as though someone is dancin’ on your future grave without a care. This is more that a collection of songs, this is voodoo music with hardcore-punk ancestory and it will make you dance, shout and scream.

Seek it out if you dare.


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