LOOK BACK: POISON THE WELL ‘The Opposite of December…A Season of Separation’

Released at the very end of the last century, Florida’s POISON THE WELL ushered in one of the most pivotal albums on the iconic TRUSTKILL label. The mid to late 90’s bore witness to various facets of underground music coalescing and mutating into new strains of aural performance and this is a crucial example of those times.

Fusing raw emotional hardcore with tasteful dashes of metal and crushing break-downs, POISON THE WELL managed to wrangle together their influences and make them their own. This record polarized the various scenes associated with the underground and people either embraced it with open arms or shook their heads in disgust; as if these five kids from Florida were dooming their cherished ideas of what music should or shouldn’t be.

This album is more than just the sum of its parts, it’s a worthy footnote in the diverse and oftentimes challenging realm of underground music.

If you find yourself needing to take a break from the current deluge of music hyperbole, do yourself a favour and track this album down. If you already happen to have it, then chuck it on the Stezza and blast it out of your speakers, cuz’ it’s a Monday and Monday’s need some ass-kickin’.



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