In the cobwebbed nether regions of the shop’s dungeon we stumbled upon some sorely missed and long-out-of-print relics of Melbourne’s eclectic musical past.

SANDPIT were a wondrously dysfunctional 3-piece from the mid-90’s who possessed a wholly original take on jangly-pop. Akin to some kind of electrified Indie-Wildebeest, barely in control of its sonic hoof-print, the trio were a minor sensation who dazzled crowds with odd song-structures, bizare tunings and loose sonic guitar freak-outs. They also appeared on the cult music television show RECOVERY that was hosted by everyone’s favourite car wreck, Dylan Lewis.

The band sadly disintegrated during the recording of their debut masterpiece ‘On Second Thought’, which came out in 1998. The bass player, Stephanie Ashworth went on to join the ranks of SOMETHING FOR KATE not long after and has been there ever since.

We have two of their early E.P.s which are rare as Hens Teeth and a copy of their ‘On Second Thought’ album. This stuff is not likely to be repressed anytime this century so be sure to get in quick.

SANDPIT ‘On Second Thought’ CD $20.00

SANDPIT ‘The Tyranny of Creeps’ E.P. $12.00

SANDPIT ‘Lessons in Posture’ E.P. $12.00


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