Chairfish Recordings stock in store now

We just got a bunch of really nice releases from local label Chairfish Recordings in today. You can pick them up for $15 a pop from us now!

Spider Goat Canyon – Excursion Through Chaos CD
Spider Goat Canyon – Jazzilla CD
Spider Goat Canyon – Shades of Joy CD
Spider Goat Canyon – Screaming Sisters CD
Spider Goat Canyon – Cacophonic CD
Spider Goat Canyon – The Window Wizard CD

I’ll let the guys who can say it best say it themselves:

Spider Goat Canyon is three guys Steve (Guitar) Josh (Bass) and Deryck (Drums) from Melbourne in Australia that love getting in a room or on a stage to make as intence as possible groovy and brutal make ya shake your ass rock music. Formed in March 2003 and still making noise now. During it’s time Spider Goat Canyon have independently released several recordings. 2004 Shades Of Joy, 2004 Sub Monster Attack!!! Split with Fire Witch, 2006 The Window Wizard, 2007 Cacophonic, 2007 Jazzilla + 2008 Excursions Through Chaos. Also in this time Spider Goat Canyon have toured Sydney, Adelaide, Bendigo, Ballarat, Fish Creek, Warnambool + Wollongong in Australia. Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand and Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Kobe and Osaka in Japan. Bits on the side include several improvised outfits namely Goat Witch, Daggers Mid Flight, Computer Dying and a Black Metal Band called The Ninth Path featuring Steve and Josh. For more info and randomly updated mp3 downloads go to our site. All of our CD’s are available at shows and are available online.


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