Sunn o)) – Monoliths and Dimensions LP pack – $90

Quick one today guys, on account of the fact that the alarm guy has been giving me the headache from hell.

This one is a bit pricey (sorry, but freight got me bigtime on this) but it’s limited and tough to come by, so it’s worth the extra. Not to mention the awesome extras Southern Lord have thrown in. You get the Sunn o)) Monoliths and Dimensions 2xLP, a Sunn turntable mat, a Sunn bag and earplug holder (with earplugs!) that attaches to your keychain or whatever your preference is. This one would make a good (ahem) Christmas gift for the noisenik in your family. Only one in stock, so get on it!


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4 Responses to Sunn o)) – Monoliths and Dimensions LP pack – $90

  1. distille says:

    I see I am late seeing this but do you possibly still have this as I want to buy it and what other Sunn O))) things do you have?

    • Jackson says:

      We sold out of these a long time ago. At the moment we have Oracle and Monoliths and Dimensions on LP and nearly everything on CD.

      • distille says:

        As I feared. I am, and will always be, looking for special packages/promos/special offers like this from Sunn O))). If you receive anymore or anything similar for jesu, if you stock Justin Broadrick, would you please blog it or notify me? Thank you for getting back to me.

      • Jackson says:

        We have LPs and CDs of Jesu and Godflesh in stock.

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